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The Mother Wound

She let the river wash away what she no longer needed to hold, for it was not hers any longer, allowing space for every woman’s wisdoms to fill her womb with purpose and knowing that she is divine, whole and intrinsic.



Selenite- The moon goddess. Cleansing attachment to old patterns of survival. Seeing the light in the dark


Umbilicus- Connection, transformation, letting go. Standing up for oneself.


Pink waters- The feminine heart, feeling safe to soften. Past grief, disappointment and separation.


Poppy from Eldersong Farms-Protection, revolution and destiny.


Energy Process Held- Facilitating integration with the true light essence of the women who came before us. Weaving with honor the hair of their stories, wisdom and magic.


Charged Red River water- Flow, release, transmuting into oneness.




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