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Working with the Moon!

The idea is to be in a balanced state with all things- the world, including our bodies, are an ecosystem.

November 6, 2017

We often see an increase in emotions and physical symptoms around moon cycles; specifically the full and new moon are when people seem to notice the most. A shift in seeing the moon as an opportunity to balance, in itself, can be a powerful tool in moving forward to better physical and emotional health.The full moon is an optimal time to take in what our bodies need, giving us signals such as a need for more sleep or water. The new moon is an optimal time for the body to release what is no longer needed


While there can be many reasons for imbalances Homeopathy can be used to assist the body to correct parasitic imbalances which often presents with dark circles around eyes and lips, dilated pupils, itchy rectum, sudden loss or gain of apatite, itchy nose, increased sensitivity to sound and a pale complexion.

Granatum Some indications- Joint pain, nausea and vertigo.Cina Some indications- Milky urine, anger, striking out, hard to please.

Filix Mas Some indications-Hiccoughs, constipations, hiding.

Silicea 6x ( homeopathy's surgical knife- helps dispel what the body does not need.) Some indications- tires easily, anger, seems to feel stuck.

In general, I start the most fitting remedy- Granatum, Cina or Filix Mas in 200c potency three days before the New or Full moon and continue three days following. Most often starting with one drop or pellet dissolved in 8-10 oz of water and one small sip from there daily. In addition, I will add silicea 6x to assist the body in expelling. Dosing in the evening before bed can help ease any detoxification you may see, allowing the body to work while it sleeps.Of course there is a reason the body allowed for this imbalance and addressing the emotional state through things like, constitutional treatment will encourage long term benefits, the above has proven beneficial in cases where parasitic pathogens are out of balance.

The idea is to be in a balanced state with all things- the world including our bodies are an ecosystem.The above are the most commonly used remedies in my practice, there are many more. Ignatia specifically is a remedy for suppressed grief which is all too common in society and is used at times as well.

Moon Rhythm Bathing. Seizing the opportunity to give the body what it needs. Sole baths the week of new and full moons will both, give the body minerals it needs as well as assist in detoxification. You can find the recipe below. The water tends to feel very soft, therefore comforting. If you or your child tends to be more sensitive, you can start with only a few oz in the bath for the first few days and increase slowly. 

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