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Flower Essences For Winter MOJO

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Flower Essences For Winter MOJO

December 27, 2017

Angelique Mercier

Seems as though everyone is sitting on the edge of their emotional seats. Cooler temps and less sun, busy schedules all tend to bring on some challenging moments. Good nutrition, sleep and WATER are probably the most important factors when staying balanced. Flower essences can help maintain emotional balance.

Flower Essences are tinctures infused with each plants supportive vibration- Like a hug for the soul.

Essences can be used in many ways, I recommend choosing the way that resonates with you.

Drop under the tongue daily for three days.

A drop in your water for the day and drank throughout.

A few drops in a bath (add some crystals and music;)

A few drops in your diffuser (this idea came from my youngest)

A drop on the wrist.

A few helpful for this time of year are:

Chamomile Soothing, helps the personality shift toward emotional balance with a serene, sun-like disposition.

Mustard helps restore a cheerful disposition when melancholy seems to have come from nowhere.

Elm You have a strong sense of responsibility. It's hard to know your limits. You doubt if you have the stamina to get through the day. Taking Elm will restore your confidence, enable you to delegate and accept help.

Rosemary brings positive qualities of a warm physical presence, full embodiment into the physical body, and a feeling of vibrant incarnation.

Eggplant Helps bring light into our energy field to transmute negativity with pinpoint accuracy.

Eggplant Essence finds negativity, be it a negative emotion, a false or limiting thought pattern or an area in our body where light has been cut off, then it helps to transmute and release this negativity with its very focused and illuminating vibration.

Wild Rose You feel resigned to your fate. Taking Wild Rose will restore initiative and vitality. Enthusiasm will flood back and life will feel exciting and interesting again. 

White Yarrow Gives you access to the highest frequency White Light that you are capable of integrating through the crown chakra into your brain and central nervous system. Clears your energy fields, creates White Light personal boundary protection, and brings Light down into the cellular level of your body.

Holly You're easily triggered to anger. Past hurts have made it too painful to explore your deeper feelings. Taking Holly allows you to open your heart and approach others with goodwill and compassion. You can let go of envy, distrust and suspicion and allow yourself to fully exchange love again.

Alumroot  Be willing to share your unique gifts whole-heartedly from a deep knowing that you are safe this lifetime. Encourages you to stay open and offer your talents even when you feel exposed to your core.

Willow You feel bitter and resentful. Everyone around you has power except you, so you feel a pawn, exploited by others. Willow helps you take responsibility for your life and make constructive decisions. As you change your response to life you create more positive situations.

If winter blues begin to feel like more than you can handle, it’s a deep passion of mine to help women restore their vitality, homeopathic treatment is available. 

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The Edge, Spirit of TRansformation, Green Hope Farms, Tree Frog Frm

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