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Does my child need a diagnosis to begin Homeopathic treatment? 

Not at all. Because homeopathy looks to treat the individual and the way they experience their symptoms, a diagnsis is not necessary.

​​What does homeopathic treatment look like?

I hold space for you to dig deeply into your childs unique experience of their symptoms, to best select the remedy that will assist in restoring physical and emotional wellness.

During our time together, we will review health, emotional history and timeline. Often times this includes an essence or remedy for the Mother- It is a deep passion of mine to see wellness in the whole family and mothers, as caregivers, often benefit from treatment as well. Acknowledging that we as Mothers  give beyond measure, this is included in the initial intake for the child.

What can I expect in the beginning?

In the first week most will see at least a slight improvement in an area like mealtime, transitioning, lessening of intensity in a situation, sensory tolerance. When this happens naturally it is common to think “hey that went better than I expected” that is what we are looking for.

You may also see increased sleep, the body works hard to heal and needs more rest at times. Increased appetite, again healing is hard work and often it seems like they can’t get enough to eat.

What if my child is sensitive?

Knowing that each child is different, homeopathy aims to address that individuality, this includes how remedies are given. Customizing dosing to be as gentle with the highest healing possible, is always my goal.

What if my child won’t take the remedy?

Sometimes, for sensory reasons or because it is new to them, children don’t want to take it. That is ok, the last thing we want is to force or make uncomfortable, there are other ways to administer a’s energy!  A drop of the water on the skin, letting them put their finger in the water, the remedy in their pocket and carried around for the day are options. When those aren’t received well, under the pillow while they sleep or even writing the name on paper and putting it under their pillow, pants pocket or lunch bag are options.

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