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Connecting to your souls ability to heal.

Sense of calm expansion, embodying our authentic self.


Heart centered enthusiasm to be present.

Vitality and optimism.


I am infinitely connected

Angelique Mercier

Vortex Connection

 When I first started going to the Red River Gorge, it became a place of deep heart healing. Eventually I received guidance that "This is where you connect" I held a few healing sessions from my favorite spots and then felt called to ask her if it's energy could be shared with the children in a big way. I was immediately shown the opalescent light pouring out of the beautiful  rock formations into a essence with a sensation of expanding YES. Hunter and I hiked up to double arch, sat inside this vortex and began to hold space for her energy to flow into the container of water from a nearby natural spring. When finished, Hunter found two tiny stones and was guided to add them as well. We sealed this process with reiki and gratitude . The Red is such a giving space, please take a moment to send gratitude to her for the love she shares.

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