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 Desert EssenceSeries

Desert plants hold a natural resiliency to extreme conditions and predators. This series focuses on bridging the cosmic and avatar self.



Chakra - Heart and Crown

The Cosmic Heart

Merging cosmic awareness with the earth body experience - Anchoring the magic

For feelings of disconnect with divine source - Overwhelm and excessive worry - Trust

Affirmation - 



Chakra - Root Solar and Plexus


Cutting cords to family patterns - New beginnings - Creating new stories.

Affirmation - I am free to create my path




Chakra - Root and Sacral


Feeling safe to be vulnerable - Reproductive health - Creativity

For feelings of oversensitivity - Fear of rejection 


Violet Sorrel

Chakra - Heart

For the Mothers - Coming back home to self 

For feelings of wear after a long battle - Self rejection to get through


Spider Wart

Ckakra - Solar Plexus and Sacral

Acceptance - Digesting life - Connecting the idealism of spirituality with the human experience - Inspired action

For feelings of wanting to escape by out of body experience - floating without an anchor - Easily discouraged 




















Chakra - Sacral

Sense of value to self and others - Once the grain of the warriors, brings vitality - Confidence

For feelings of trauma - Invisible, unseen divinity - Hidden away - Resistance from others

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