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Serving clients internationally 

Bringing wellnss and empowerment to the new earth. Autism ADHD Womens Wellnes Intuitive

I run a heart centered practice as an Intuitive Homeopath, Multidimensional Healer, Ordained Minister, Mother of a recovered child and an explorer of life! 


Specializing in restoring the well being of children who have been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and PANDAS and their families.

I hold dear to my heart, helping women, children and teens access their emotional and physical balance! 

 With a background in homeopathy and intuition, knowing that each person is unique as are their experiences, this allows individualized treatment of the whole person.

Some of the chronic conditions seen in are:



Low stamina




Oppositional Defiance Disorder


Attention disorders

Chronic childhood illnesses

Food Sensitivity

Chronic Fatigue 

Sleep Troubles



              Working with Angelique has been true healing for our family. She is an amazing homeopathist, and reiki practitioner. From the first drop of the first remedy Angie prescribed, my daughter's' demeanor transformed in front of me from a girl experiencing pain and grief, to feelings of joy and relief. From a girl who would bolt away and could not connect with eye contact or any form of affection, to now very loving and connected, not Running away, and a Ton of eye contact! Angie also muscle tests supplements for us regularly, which is also an invaluable part of the process for my daughter. My daughter is developing, transforming and opening herself up to the world everyday under Angie's care that I could never have imagined 6 months ago.

            Angelique also has prescribed myself remedies that have had a tremendous impact- I'm reclaiming my life. I had poor memory, low confidence, anxiety and depression. I'm now feeling very empowered, coping, and actually physically stronger than I have in years.
Because of the great results my husband and other daughter are working with her as well.
 I have no hesitation in recommending Angelique to anyone. Homeopathy is a powerful medicine, and I completely trust Angelique.



The session with you was simply life changing. I was so emotional for many days. It was not what I expected at all, but everything I needed! So much release. I am so grateful. The imagery from the meditation is something I go back to for comfort when I am scared. I KNOW I am protected and connected.


I just want to speak of how awesome Angie is! She's an amazing woman that has a gift of helping and encouraging women! She has helped me further seek out my purpose and to walk boldly in that direction. I love that she is transparent and always willing to share her experiences with others. I'm thankful to have met/worked with Angie in different areas of this holistic journey.

    I have used Angie for both her Reiki sessions, which gave me incredible results for my gallbladder pain.  The clearing was so intense, while she worked at a distance my clothing became sweat soaked at the area of my gallbladder. Angie has also been an integral part of our healing team with her amazing muscle testing, flower essence recommendations and homeopathic suggestions.  I look forward to watching her practice grow, she is an amazing healer, truly one of a kind.  


            Have to share this incredible healing session I had with Angie Mercier!  My oldest son has some energy blocks to his healing. He's considered recovered from autism/Pandas, but he has had many emotional traumas that keep creeping back in and slowing progress in healing some medical issues.

I decided that Angie was the way to go to help work through some of these blocks. I had an energy/reiki/healing session on Monday with her for my son.

He is visibly doing better. We recently went to a hotel and swam in a pool. He has detox issues and usually ends up going into histamine overload and needing a week to recover. Not this time! He had a bit of a backslide and then she came in and did her work. He was FINE in 24 hours!

Also he was struggling with focus due to this early spring weather creating more than usual pollen. He's been ON point in home school.

He's been kind of closed off and in his shell due to it being the months where he's had a loss/grief. Well he's been open and happy and giving us lots of hugs and snuggling (He's now a teenager. You know how they can be! Lol!)

I feel like a weight has been lifted and his emotions are regulated so much. He used to get upset if he had to share anything or if he was told to get of Xbox he would pout about it. He's been getting off on time and NO fight about it. Cool as can be

I'm kicking myself for not getting this energy/reiki session sooner.

Thank you Angie!! You are a blessing and an integral part of our families healing .


I cannot say enough good things about the amazing session I had with Angelique Mercier! Her open and loving energy made me feel cocooned and comfortable during our meditation session. She helped me heal things from this lifetime and a past life that were keeping me stuck. The beauty of what transpired had me in tears. These releases that transpired have had me feeling uplifted, centered and directionally inspired for days! Thank you so much Angelique! I highly recommend her services!



I received a guided meditation with Angelique Mercier, and all I can say Thank you sooo much. With this guided meditation we took on an issue that I personally never thought I would heal from. And almost instantly I felt great relief, I felt like a vise was clenching my innards and we when though her process of releasing the hurt and reclaiming my power I felt release and relief. I'm so thankful to have an opportunity to work Angelique, she creates a safe sacred space for you to release what you need too without judgement. She is very wise in her work, has great intuition and knows how to guide you through your crap so you can release it. Thank you again Angelique mercier.



I was blessed to experience a guided meditation with Angelique the other day! She was able to help me find something that I've been trying to understand for a long time. She walked me through the process of facing and honoring the emotions associated with it. She was compassionate, understanding and so relatable. I would do this again.


         Thanks, Angie! I feel about as balanced as I possibly can be! It was a blessing to spend time with you!


Great news is she did a school performance up on the stage w 3 classes and sang all the songs!  She did amazing and had fun!  And at the end of the performance she presented the music teacher with a gift and spoke in front of maybe 300 people with 2 other kids on her sides. It was beautiful!  She volunteered to present the gift.  It brought tears to our eyes. 

We are nearly at our 1 years point for HP and we are seeing our daughter back. She has healed so much!  We are grateful for all you have done to make our daughter a healthier beautiful girl. 


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